We create fiber-based packaging and we do it to make a big impact for our customers and the environment.

We partner with the biggest players in food service industry to create custom solutions for their unique needs. And we do it with a commitment to sustainability, and a drive for innovation. STS Packaging is new to the communities in which we operate, but not new to the packaging manufacturing industry!  Our customer network and industry knowledge uniquely position us to build and train a local team that can be proud of what we create!

Why We're Different
What I enjoy most about working for STS Packaging is the people. The positive attitudes and teamwork atmosphere are what makes me feel welcomed and is also the main reason I choose to keep coming back.
Alisha Human Resources
Alisha Human Resources
Being one of the newest employees at STS Packaging, I admire the atmosphere of our office and the relationship between our personnel and our leadership team. I have witnessed our group working together at multiple tasks and at different levels of hierarchy and showing satisfactory results. It has been an encouragement to me to be part of this group.
Claudia Accounting
Claudia Accounting

Great things happen when you are willing to take the risk for a better outcome, and you stay true to your values along the way.

Energetic. Fast Paced. Rewarding.

Fast moving manufacturing for the foodservice industry drives our business. The entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well beyond our front doors. With operations in Charlotte, N.C., a new 500,000 SqFt facility in Mooresville, IN, and a trained staff comprised of top-tier people, our business is primed for a strong and fulfilling future.

Top-tier people need top-tier equipment.

Making sure we have the best equipment is part of our business plan. Not only does it keep our team safe and up to date with modern technologies and tools, but it allows us to deliver on our promise of creating the best product for our customers. It’s a win-win for everyone, and an investment we will continue to make.